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We create
digital tools
that assist
people to

get things done

We are passionate technologists and product people who love making things that matter to their users. We believe that today’s digital tools offer an improvement in almost every situation of life.

With a focus on relationships and their reflection in data we design products that perfectly balance between usability, business needs and the long term digital strategy.

We are reliable technology partners to realize your digital vision. Let’s get things done together.

_user centric

Users are diverse - they’re humans after all. Putting them at the center of our thinking helps to keep us true to our ultimate goal: make people's lives easier.

_data driven

We love data! And we hope you do too. When it comes to making decisions everyone feels more confident if they can be based on actual data. We make sure your data is available and useful.

_digital products

Digital products are everywhere around us. On our phones, on the web, on our TV and in our car - we’re all using them daily. Making them is a craft, a process and a team effort. Making great ones is our mission.


High-tech industry or SME? We live in both worlds! Our senior data architects and software developers have extensive experience in building data modelling and visualisation solutions for high-tech industries such as aeronautics & defense, banking, automotive and logistics - always on the mission of getting the most out of your data.

Are you a small or medium-sized company and fancy a chatbot for your communication? Or would you like to take your digital strategy to the next level? The DMI Solutions team covers the entire spectrum of text-based dialog systems and standard application solutions. Learn more below.

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We enable your digital transformation


_who we are

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions GmbH was founded in 2020 in Munich by a team of senior data architects and software developers with a combined 25+ years of experience in Advanced Javascript, Java EE programming, Data Science (AI, all data engineering), Dev Ops and Cloud Computing.


_our mission

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions takes a comprehensive and generalist, but still technical view on data, its sources and its refinement.


We offer a wide array of analysis and implementation expertise, stretching from data modelling to an appealing and above-all useful presentation form for the users.

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Bert van Heukelom

Martin Lederer


Visting adress:

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions GmbH

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+49 (0) 178 3555 040  (Martin Lederer)