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Lead Engineer Software & Simulation 

As Lead Engineer you are in charge of ensuring that DMI’sour solutions are at the forefront of technology. You will translate customer requirements into actionable work items and implement them together with the development team. 

Why DMI needs you

Data Machine Intelligence is a Munich-based startup disrupting the aerospace industry with software solutions for the intelligent automation of aerospace systems. Our core focus areas are AI for automation, advanced human-machine interfaces, and simulation as well as development infrastructure. We are customer-centric, embrace open international collaboration, and strive to deliver state-of-the-art technology. 


We are creating unique products that promise to become indispensable for key players in the aerospace industry. To take our product development to the next level, we are looking for talented individuals ready to take on a challenging yet rewarding role. If you're an engaged, motivated, and experienced professional with a great curiosity about the future of aerospace automation, then this role is for you. 


Together, we will shape the future of system automation — making AI systems safe, reliable, certifiable, and ready for operation at scale. Join us on this exciting journey and become a key player in driving a truly groundbreaking shift in the aerospace industry.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the development of our systems-of-systems simulation engine

  • Understand customer pains and needs 

  • Adapt technology blocks from academia and tailor them to solve customer problems

  • Take responsibility for work packages and break them down into actionable work items for the development team 

  • Define advanced solution/software concepts and implement them with the team


Note: Different combinations of core fields (Simulation, Software, Aerospace, AI, UX/UI and Human Machine Interfaces) are possible for the lead engineer positions. 


  • Significant professional experience in the related field, e.g., Bachelor’s degree + 5 years, or Master’s degree + 3 years

  • English

  • German (optional)


  • Open and integrative culture 

  • Thirst for innovation, everyone is welcome to contribute 

  • Flexible working hours and location 

  • Office in the heart of Munich, Gärtnerplatz with BBQ and Parking 

  • Startup spirit but with industry-wide competitive salaries 

How to apply

Our application process is as straight-forward and pragmatic as we are as a company. So please simply send a CV and possibly other documents to the following addres that tell us that you are the right person for the job:


Do you have any questions or would like additional information?

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