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DMI Portfolio


DMI helps the aerospace deliver automation software continuously at high integrity

Mission Automation Models

Automate and scale your systems. Fast and secure with intuitive, efficient workflows

DMI provides a comprehensive resource of ready-to-implement automation models carefully designed to accelerate your system integration. These models have been developed with the foresight of upcoming AI standards, including EUROCAE WG114, to help you prepare for future compliance mandates.

Leverage our models to rapidly automate your systems within a secure framework facilitated by our pragmatic, streamlined workflows. Use this resource to improve operational efficiency while maintaining stringent security protocols.

Accelerate development, simulate
systems-of-systems and certify AI.

DMI provides a tailored pipeline for the development, fine-tuning, and simulation of mission automation, incorporating an operator-in-the-loop capability for robust, context-sensitive operations.


With cloud-native foundation, our solutions enable large scale computations, vital for complex, distributed systems-of-systems simulations.

Mission Simulation

Development Services

Custom automation solutions facilitating the transition to smarter operations.

The Development Services at Data Machine Intelligence provide comprehensive and unique solutions tailored to your operational needs. Our expertise lies in the application and integration of mission automation.Our team bridges the gap between theory and practice, bringing your concept to reality with seamless precision.


Our bespoke solutions are crafted by aerospace experts with deep knowledge in automation, designed specifically for your unique mission parameters.


Let’s address your automation challenges together:

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