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Two Awards and a Semi-Final: Exciting News from the DeepTech Momentum Conference!

Data Machine Intelligence (DMI) is delighted to share some incredible news from the recent DeepTech Momentum Conference. Over the past three days, our team had the thrilling opportunity to pitch our innovative products in front of industry experts and investors. We are proud to announce that we reached the semi-finals and were honored with not one, but TWO acceleration awards!

About the DeepTech Momentum Conference

The DeepTech Momentum Conference is Europe’s premier bootcamp for early-stage Deep Tech startups. This invite-only event showcases the top 100 European startups, providing them with the opportunity to pitch their innovations to leading investors, experts, and mentors. With a focus on accelerating business growth and fostering valuable connections, the conference covers a wide range of Deep Tech verticals, including AI, BioTech, Space, Climate Tech, and more.

Celebrating Our Team’s Success

Our success at the conference is a testament to the hard work and relentless dedication of the DMI team. Our innovative product captured the attention and admiration of the judges, showcasing the cutting-edge technology we are developing. A huge shout out to all the amazing folks at DMI - you are the heart and soul of our success!

What our Founders Say

Max Najork, Co-Founder of DMI, shares his thoughts:

"Winning two acceleration awards at the DeepTech Momentum Conference is a remarkable achievement for us. It's a clear validation of the product vision and the technology blocks our team is building to get us there. I'm incredibly proud of everyone at DMI for their hard work and dedication. This recognition motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of technology."

Martin Lederer, Co-Founder of DMI, adds:

"The conference was an incredible experience. Connecting with industry leaders and receiving such prestigious awards is truly rewarding. It highlights the impact of our innovative solutions and the bright future ahead for DMI. I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to furthering our mission with this incredible team."

Looking Ahead

Seeing the appreciation and support for our vision is truly rewarding. If you're interested in partnering with us, we invite you to connect with us.

We will be back in Berlin soon for the ILA 2024 aerospace fair. Reach out to meet us there and explore potential collaborations.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this event such a memorable success. We can’t wait to continue this journey and achieve even greater milestones together!


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